Do you cover small jobs?

We fully understand that sometimes you just need a small or annoying task taken care of quickly.

We charge our time to be competitive either by task or time we take at your property.

Nothing is too big or small.

Do you charge a call-out fee or minimum fee?

When you book our service we will be transparent about the cost of our time.

There is a minimum 30 minutes initial period of our service and then we will charge in 30 minute increments. You will always be clear on what we will charge for our labour.

Where a task is very clear, we will quote you a fixed price before we attend for your peace of mind.

Can I provide parts / materials?

We are happy to fit your supplied materials, subject to them being fit for purpose.

We will happily advise on material selection or suitability to help with your decision.

Is your work guaranteed?

We work to the highest standards and behave as though the repair is for our own property.

We are only able to provide the manufacturers' guarantee on materials used if we have supplied them for the task.

We are happy to guarantee work that we undertake and would re-work our labour with no hesitation if complications arise.

Do we have to pay cash?

We are able to take Debit and Credit Cards whilst at your property, we also take Paypal if you prefer.

Oh, yes of course we still accept cash!

We have a big job, can you come and discuss with us first?

Feel free to discuss the work with our trained staff who, if the job seems complex will happily arrange for a technician to visit your property.

We will discuss the task in detail and provide you with a detailed quotation.